Feb 06, 2020

I am loving the hustle and all of our growth, as our little real estate co we founded 12 years ago is now officially in Los Angles and about to be in a few more states soon!


And don’t get me wrong here... I LOVE ❤️ the art of the launch 🚀 and all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into it.

As an #entrepreneur , I live for it.


As a #coach, I LOVE ❤️ watching our real estate agents change their lives and step up and take on my #TheTriumphantLifeCHALLENGE...


But could definitely tell today it was time to shut down a bit and spend some 1 on 1 time with my furry little dude, Mr. Prince 👑 Teddy T. So we hung out together at the dog park, had some treats and the kid got to spend some time “wif hims Dads” (that’s Teddy talk).


Sure, little Teddy is happy we are expanding and adding more agents and markets to our movement daily, because he knows he gets bones 🦴 every time we sell a house! But it was great to spend some time with him tonight and remind me of who and what I’m working for.


So why do I post this?


In hopes of this sparking ⚡️ a thought in you too!! And reminding you of what and why you are working so hard too!!


I’ve found in my life, it’s that “BIG WHY” that pulls you through!


So hopes this help you take just a quick moment and reflect on this. Maybe kiss that person you are working so hard for. Hug your babies and know what the hustle is for. Because if you are like me, it’s all for them!!! #family . So keep hustling. Keep grinding. You got this!!


❤️, Nicky T and little furry Prince 👑 Teddy

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