What Does Success Look Like to You???

Feb 17, 2020

A wise woman once said... “do you booobooo 😘”


And I couldn’t agree more.


For years, I chased what I thought “success” looked like.


That definition was shaped by people around me, movies, TV, magazines, video and social media...


But what I’ve realized...


The things that make me happiest and most proud, the things I define as “success”, are FAR different from what it was “supposed” to look like.


What success looks like to you, is different than me and different from the next. That’s the beauty of your uniqueness in chasing YOUR own goals and dreams!


So define what “Success” looks like for YOU and own it! Wear it like a badge of honor and don’t stop until you get it!


I believe in you!


❤️ Nicky T


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