Oct 27, 2020

You have no idea how many times I've been asked what the "Secret to Success" is.

Almost like there's some hidden vault with armed guards where all the secrets to get skinny, rich and happy are hiding. 

I’ve found, the secret to having ANYTHING in this world 🌎 you want is in your...



Think about it 🤔

.... We all know how to eat healthy and get fit. Eat clean and workout. Kinda simple right?

If we were to head to the local grocery store and get a shopping cart 🛒 and I said to ONLY put healthy stuff in, you’d know exactly what foods go in it.

And if I said you HAD to find someway to exercise, you’d be able to figure it out. Go on a walk or run with the shoes on your feet and on that GIANT Treadmill in front of your home or office.


The “SECRET” to getting fit, making money and growing your business isn’t in “KNOWING” what to do...

And it’s definitely not in the next inspirational quote, video or podcast either.

It’s you tying your shoes and going for a run.

And eating healthy.


Same with growing your business. Market more, Get more ATTENTION daily and your sales and income will grow. 



To me, that’s the “SECRET” to success...

👉 Step #1: List out all the habits, rituals and routines that will help you get to that BIG GOAL AND DREAM YOU HAVE!

👉 Step #2: Take those rituals and do them daily. All 7 days of this week! Dreams don’t work unless YOU DO!!  Tie your shoes, hit a run and do the work!

Get that BIG DREAM in place, outline all the ways you can get there and get to work chasing that dream.

I believe in you!

❤️ Nicky T

Founder of The Triumphant Life 

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