The REAL Reason Why You Should Start a Podcast 🎙

brand strategy podcasting social media content Aug 25, 2023
Why you should start a podcast

Are you thinking about starting a podcast? In this article, I am going to share with you 3 reasons WHY I have my Triumphant Life Podcast and weekly show.

Reason #1 Why You Should Start a Podcast: CONTENT!

For me, a podcast is a way to stay consistent with creating "Long Form" content in a show format that is something that solves the problems for my ideal clients. Each episode, I am able to teach a lesson and educate on a topic that my customers are struggling with, which helps them and adds energy to their life and business. So I pick one day per week to record, usually on a Monday. Then I sit down at the mic and record one topic and my weekly show. It's also a lot easier for me to choose one topic each week VS trying to come up with something brand new each morning. Also, by recording "Long Form Content", it makes it easier for me, since I''m not trying to be perfect or get a video done in less than 90n seconds. Long form content is real and authentic, so can have your errs, umms, stutters and mess ups. It's not staged and it's just genuine content. So with my weekly show, I am able to consistently create fresh and genuine new content on a weekly basis, addressing a problem that my dream customers are struggling with and and then upload that video/audio to Youtube, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. That's the MAIN reason why I have my podcast.

Reason #2: Why You Should Start a Podcast: Repurposing the Content!

Since I record a 10-30 minute show each week, I am able to find small clips and talking points from it and repurpose it into short form content for Facebook & Instagram Reels, TikTok and Youtube shorts. I can take those little clips and post to all of my social media channels to get my brand in front of potential new customers! All of which leads them back to the full episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Youtube, which helps them solve a problem they are facing! I did this with my latest episode. I found a really good 60 sec talking point, added some captions to it and posted to social media. That one little clip has gotten over 1,500 views and gained me 20 new followers. Now here's the best part... I had ALREADY RECORDED IT in the full show. So I was just repurposing the content I had already recorded! From each show I do, I can find 5-10 really good smaller clips and post those to my social media. This now gives me clips to post for the rest of the week, all about the same topic and subject. 

Reason #3 Why You Should Start a Podcast: Make SALES! 

Let me be super clear with you... yes starting a podcast allows you to create more content, stand out online and build a brand. But why are you doing all of that? TO GET MORE CUSTOMERS AND MAKE SALES! This is the the REAL reason why I have a podcast and why I think you should have one too! By producing a weekly show that addresses a topic that your dream customers are facing, you are able to give them tips and strategies that can help them. By listening to your show, you are able to build trust and show that you are the EXPERT and AUTHORITY to help them! Then at the end of the show, you can offer a call to action and a way for them to get a hold of you to learn more about your product or service. 

For my show, I choose topics that I know my target market is struggling with or want help with. I take questions I get in my DM's or on coaching calls and address them on my show. Then I am able to share that Youtube, Apple Podcasts or Spotify link back with my target market. I can post that on social media, DM it to potential clients and e-mail my list of prospects the show that helps them solve a problem.

Using this exact strategy, I landed a $7,500 sale and let me show you how...

I met someone at a conference and she followed me on Instagram. Later that week, I posted my show to my feed and Instagram story, which she saw. She clicked on the link and went and listened to the full episode where I taught a lesson. That lesson I taught was something she was struggling with and she got a ton of value out of the show. Then at the end of the episode, I offered an opportunity to get on a 1 on 1 call with me for a business audit. She scheduled a call and we got on Zoom a few days later. At this point, she already got to know me during the episode and got value, so she trusted that I was the business coach to help her. And at the end of the Zoom call, she purchased my program and course. I hope this quick example shows you how powerful this can be to landing sales! 

BONUS REASON Why You Should Start a Podcast: It's FREE!!!

Starting a podcast is FREE!!! All it requires is the smartphone you have in your pocket now and 20-30 minutes per week! And it's even free to host it. We host our podcast on which is a FREE platform. So by staring a podcast, you now have a FREE platform to share your message, teach topics and build your brand. 

So there it is... the 3 reasons (plus a bonus tip) on why I have a podcast and why you should have a podcast too! I hope you learned something from this article and hope it inspires you to start your own podcast and grow your brand and business! 

If you have any questions about getting your podcast started, let's hop on a call and I can explain this more and show you how to monetize your podcast for your specific business and use it to grow your brand and social media!

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Nicholas Trevillian aka "Coach Nicky T"

Business Coach & Author

Want to see a video where I explain all of this more? Check out this Youtube video of episode #28 of The Triumphant Life Podcast, where I explain "The REAL Reason Why You Should Start a Podcast"

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