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the triumphant author Feb 06, 2022

Happy Sunday! 

Here in San Diego, the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky and it's a nice 67 degrees. 

I'm sitting here in my reading chair, with the doors and windows open, a hot cup of coffee, my puppy on my lap and diving into a book about health and fitness. 

What makes this super cool... is I inspired the author, Nate to write this book. Kinda surreal holding his book and hearing his wisdom and insights! 

... Nate reached out to me asking for tips and advice to grow his online personal training business and make more sales. 

I told him straight up...


Nate took that advice, wrote a book about his program and shared his message with the world. 

Fast forward a few short years... 

Nate has landed 120+ podcast appearances because of his book and is now a sought after guest in the fitness/health/nutrition space.

Which has led to more exposure for his brand and business and MORE SALES of his program

... Because of his book, Nate has also landed 15 PAID speaking gigs and is now a sought after keynote speaker at events for Entrepreneurs. 

I actually invited him to speak at my high level mastermind for Entrepreneurs we had here in San Diego a few weeks ago! 

After night gave his speech, people were lined up to get a copy of his book and get it autographed by him. 

And of course... that one speech alone landed him 4 sales for his fitness and nutrition program! 

A book builds credibility. 

A book shows you are the EXPERT! 

A book helps you share your message. 

A book helps you land more sales. 


Which is why I believe that if you are an expert at what you do...

Writing a book should be your #1 Marketing Strategy! 

Check out this video where I dive into this topic more.

It's quick and only 7 minutes... 

But will explain this exact strategy we helped Nate with in a lot more detail! 

Click Here to Watch the Video! 



Founder of The Triumphant Author 


P.S. if you are an Entrepreneur or in sales and want to add more energy, check out this book "The Million Dollar Body Method" ASAP!

Nate is an expert at helping Entrepreneurs like us get more energy and burn more fat. I started this book this morning and am already 100 pages in! It's soooooo good and I can't put it down!

What's super cool, is this is a system for Nate's business. It's Sunday morning... he's probably with his family enjoying pancakes (he's allowed the carbs, just look at the dude, he's JACKED! lol) yet I'm here reading it and learning his methods. And now telling you about how awesome Nate is and how he's a true EXPERT at what he does. 

Can you start to see the POWER of a book? Imagine your clients reading your story, hearing your method and you sharing your EXPERT advice? Think that can help you build more credibility and land more clients? Heck yes! 

Go watch this quick 7 minute video to find out how! 

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