Level the F*CK Up!

Nov 24, 2020

Are you ready to LEVEL THE F*CK UP??? 

The back story...

I’m on day 74 of my #75Hard Challenge. And as I’m coming to and end of this insanely amazing journey... so many people are asking me if I’m ready for it to be over.

Not one f*cking bit.

It’s been a life changing experience and I don’t even recognize the man that started this over 2.5 months ago.

Which really had me thinking...

What would my life be like if I never made that decision to “LEVEL UP” 74 days ago???

Where would my fitness be? Where would my business be? My mindset?

Same for my tribe who stepped up and rolled this journey side by side with me... where would they be? If I hadn't of decided to step up and do this program, they wouldn't of started either! 


150 workouts in 75 days teaches you A LOT about yourself. My biggest takeaway...


It shows you that there’s a whole different LEVEL of fitness, business and life that you can be playing at!!

So how do you “LEVEL UP”???

But really level up... and more than just some cute quote or hashtag on the gram.

Make a decision to do something that scares there shit out of you, that you know will push you to your limits and force you out of your comfort zone.

That’s how you “LEVEL UP”

"To do something you’ve never done, you have to do SOME THING you’ve never done."

So get clear on that area of your life you want to LEVEL UP in... and make a commitment that scars the shit out of you.

Then put in the work daily, pay the dues push yourself and...


I hope this quick story inspires you and pushes you to know you can do more, be more and have more.!

I believe in you!

❤️ Nicky T

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