Do What You Love and You'll Never Work a Day In Your Life

the triumphant author Feb 25, 2022


This is one of my favorite quotes couldn’t sum up this picture more.

…. It was taken during the middle of an EPIC goal setting experience I held here in San Diego for a group of high level Entrepreneurs that are in my Triumphant Life Mastermind group!

If you look at my right arm, I’m legit reaching around to turn on the microphone to record this moment…

And that smile on my face is nothing but pure joy and love, knowing I was about to unload some life changing strategies for this group of Entrepreneurs. 

So grateful this moment was captured 

…. It’s an actual moment and snapshot of my life.

I hate staged and fake photos.

It’s real.

It’s authentic.

It’s an actual moment and snapshot of me living my MISSION and sharing my passion with the world 

And believe that’s how you should build a brand.

All your marketing should reflect your true passion, purpose and nothing but AUTHENTICITY!

…. Once you stop faking shots holding a phone with nobody on the other end,

Or trying to dance to the latest trend on Reels or TikToks…

And just be the real, bad ass you that you already are,


Because it’s just YOU being YOU and sharing your heart and passion!

You sharing the things that make you special and unique.

And you telling the story of your life (que my favorite Social D song, “The Story of My Life!!)

Now that’s a formula I can get behind and believe in!

.... And is the exact reason why I created The Triumphant Author.

A whole course and program to help EXPERTS write and publish a book and share their authentic self with the world. 

Anyone can fake a picture and throw a filter on it. 

You know what you can't fake? 

A 20,000 word and 100 page book   

Because that takes time.

That takes effort.

And more importantly...

It takes a true EXPERT who knows their stuff inside and out.

And someone who's truly on a MISSION to serve their clients and community!

Is that you?

Are you and EXPERT at what you do and ready to share your AUTHENTIC message with the world and write a book?

My Triumphant Author program can help make that a reality! 

Go check out this FREE training where I break down: 

"How to Write a Book and Use it to Land Your Dream Clients"

Writing a book is the ultimate way to share your message with more people! 

And I break down exactly why on this training! 

Click Here to On Demand Access! 


Keep Being Authentic,

Nicholas Trevillian

Founder of The Triumphant Author


P.S. look, writing a book truly changed my business. I self published my own book and then used that book to land my dream clients. Writing a book became my #1 marketing tool and can do the same thing for you too! Scroll up and grab the link to my FREE training. It breaks down the whole process and you'll learn a ton! 

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