3 Steps to Have the BIGGEST Week Ever!

Mar 22, 2021

Do you want to make this week one of the most successful weeks you’ve had of 2021?   

Try this "WEEKLY TARGETS 🎯" Method …  

Grab a notepad and list out the answers to these 3 steps:   

#1. What is the #1 thing that will move the needle in my business this week?   

(example, getting more leads, booking more appointments, holding sale calls, recording my webinar, etc)  

#2. What is a target in that area I can shoot for this week?  

 (TIP: put a REAL # on it! My goal this week is 25 new leads. My goal this week is to book 5 new appointments. My goal this week is to hold 3 sales calls. My goal this week is to record 5 videos for my social media)  

#3. On Sunday looking back at this week, how good will it feel to have accomplished this target? What will that mean for my goals? How much momentum will I have? 

(make it as real as you can!!! Feel the progress and see yourself getting one step closer to your goals!)


Then go make it happen, hit your targets 🎯 and brag about your WIN!!!!  

Each week is a fresh new start and 168 yours to make progress towards your BIG GOALS!  

And I hope these 3 steps helps add some momentum and energy to you today and hope you CRUSH this week!

  .... Oh and if you want more resources on setting "TARGETS 🎯 " in your business, I just dropped a an episode of The Triumphant Life Podcast, called "THE MAP" and go pretty deep on this exact subject. 

In it, I dive into how to get crystal clear on your business goals and create your "Business & Life By Design".

Click Here to Listen!


Keep Crushing 👊,   

- Nicholas Trevillian

Founder of The Triumphant Life

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